Competition des Nymphes d'Or

Categories & Awards

The Golden Nymph


The Fiction category is composed of Comedy TV Series, Drama TV Series and Long Fiction Programs (TV Films & Mini Series).

TV Series

A TV series is defined as a run of multiple episodes in which the theme, content and main characters are presented under the same title and have continuity of production supervision. A TV Series is intended to comprise a limited number of episodes, usually divided into seasons. Sketch comedy, parodies and entertainment games are not accepted.
The TV Series category is divided in two sub-categories: TV Series – Comedy and Tv Series – Drama.

6 Nymphes d’Or sont remises :

  • Best TV Series - Comedy
  • Outstanding Actor
  • Outstanding Actress
  • Best TV Series - Drama
  • Outstanding Actor
  • Outstanding Actress

Long Fiction Program (TV Films & Mini Series)

A Long Fiction Program is a television show, which tells a single finite story extending across a limited number of episodes. Films, anthologies and mini series, produced for television and whose plot is resolved at the end, are accepted.

3 Golden Nymph Awards are bestowed:

  • Best Long Fiction Program
  • Outstanding Actor
  • Outstanding Actress


This category refers to programs that cover international, national, regional and local news or current affairs events. The News category is composed of four sub-categories:


An investigative report that covers current news, a range of major stories across politics, religion, science, environment and social issues

Live Breaking News Story

Live coverage of a single breaking news event, as it unfolds. Entries can include up to 2 separate sequences as broadcast and unedited. It must have been broadcast by a 24-Hour News channel or a general channel.

TV News Item

Edited coverage of a news event, broadcast on a schedule news program.

4 Golden Nymph Awards are bestowed:

  • Best Documentary
  • Best Live Breaking News Story
  • Best TV News Item
  • Jury Grand Prize

Other Prizes

Prince Rainier III Special Prize

This Special Prize was created by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, in honour of Prince Rainier III, founder of the Festival.
The prize is given to a programme selected by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco among the News category:

  • Documentary
  • Live Breaking News Story
  • TV News Items

This prize is awarded to the best programme dealing with nature conservation, the environment, the protection of threatened fauna and flora and the fight against pollution.
A sum of 7500 € is also given to the person receiving this prize.

International TV Audience Awards

In association with Eurodata TV Worldwide (a Médiamétrie company)

The International TV Audiences Awards are bestowed to serialized TV programs with the highest audience ratings. Organized in an exclusive partnership with Eurodata TV Worldwide, leader in media research, they are bestowed in the following categories:

  • Best Action & Science Fiction TV Series
  • Best Crime TV Series
  • Best Telenovelas / Soap Operas

Winners are selected among the fifteen best-imported fiction programs in 66 countries, i.e. almost 3 billion potential viewers.

The Press Prize of the ICRC

Each year, the Press Prize of the ICRC rewards a documentary which best highlights a principle or several principles of international humanitarian law and deals with a current armed conflict from the perspective of its primary impact – victims' suffering.

Prize of the Monaco Red Cross

Since 1988, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Honorary President of the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo, is also the President of the Monaco Red Cross. The Festival is then an essential event for the Monaco Red Cross.
This Prize seeks to recognize a fiction program (mini series or television film) that demonstrates at least one of the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross: humanity, impartiality, independence, neutrality, charity, unity and universality.

The AMADE Prize

Funded in 1963 in accordance with the wish of the Princess Grace of Monaco, AMADE is based on a vision: the vision of a world where every child, whatever his social, religious or cultural origins are, would have the capacity to live with dignity and security, his fundamental rights fully respected.
The AMADE Prize is a special award for a television programme that explores a human issue, contemporary or otherwise. Its plot and structure should not be violent; it should encourage the rejection of violence. The notions explored should be in keeping with AMADE’s aims and key values.

The SIGNIS Prize: The Silver Dove

The Silver Dove highlights and promotes productions that use artistic and technical talent to create inspiring content that encourages reflection. The SIGNIS Prize is awarded to a story that contributes to human progress and takes account of the spiritual aspect of existence, promotes humanitarian and Christian values, encourages respect for human rights and minorities, the poor and the oppressed, supports processes for bringing about justice and reconciliation, or respects creation and the environment and which is suitable for future use in media education.