Live the Festival in the 1st row

The essential for a Festival Fan.

This card marks your loyalty to the Festival and your attachment to TV shows.

It offers a number of privileges. Fast Lane, booking priorities, meet and greets...

With the #OMG card, you don’t need to be a star to become a VIP !

Carte #OMG Festival
  • Fast Lane to the signing sessions
  • Private meetings between Fans and VIP
  • Reserved spaces for the public projections
  • Reservation priority for the public events of the Festival*
  • A Festival or Festival Partner special present

Price: €49 all inclusive

Victim of their success, thes OMG Cards are no longer available

*Download E-tickets 48 hours before the official opening of the ticket reservation

They’ve got an OMG card :

«I am used to this kind of event... It was a first time for me at the Festival, it’s the OMG card which inspired me, and I already know that I will come back.»
«It is the second time for me at the Festival, I really like the atmosphere! I went with my friends and we had a great time. I took the OMG card and I’m not disappointed!»