There are three (3) rounds in the judging process.

The two (2) first rounds (regional & global) are undertaken by Preselection Committee members, in Spring 2016. The Preselection Committee, composed by industry professionals, has the duty to select between five (5) and ten (10) nominees in each category.

For the Fiction categories (TV Series & Long Fiction Program) the Preselection Committee is also in charge of selecting the actors and actresses for outstanding performances. Nominees are chosen amongst the actors and actresses registered during the submission of their corresponding program (their nomination is not automatic).

The final round of judging takes place onsite during the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, where 2 Official Juries (Fiction & News), composed of renown talent & industry leaders decide the winners in each category.

Become A Preselection Committee Member for the Fiction categories - select the best programs

You have experience in the television industry (producing, writing, buying, casting, distributing, reporting etc.) and would like to give your expert opinion on international broadcasts from the past year…then apply by providing details of your professional experience to:

Important: fluency in English is required

Fiction Preselection Committee Members

  • Mathieu Béjot, Executive Director - TV France International, France
  • Graham Benson, International Media Consultant - PACT, United Kingdom
  • Cédric Biscay, Producer & Consultant, Monaco
  • Simon Button, Journalist, United Kingdom
  • Anna Carugati, Editorial Director - World Screen, USA
  • Chee Kong Cheah, Entertainment Chief Content Officer - MediaCorp, Singapore
  • Steve Clarke, Indipendent Writer & Editor, United Kingdom
  • Ramon Colom, President - FAPAE, Spain
  • Martin Cuff, Film Commissioner & Producer, South Africa
  • Matt Deaner, Executive Director - SPAA, Australia
  • Alessandra De Tommasi, Journalist, Italy
  • Inaki Ferreras, Journalist, Spain
  • Remo Girone, Actor, Italy
  • Klaus Hansen, CEO - Danish Producers' Association, Denmark
  • Leif Holst Jensen, Dean of faculty film, TV and games - Westerdals Oslo ACT, Norway
  • Espen Huseby, CEO - Nordic World, Norway
  • Michael Idato, Journalist, Australia
  • Elena Lai, Secretary General - CEPI, Belgium
  • Michel Merkt, Producer, Monaco
  • Hélène Messier, Managing Director - AQPM, Canada
  • Michelle Navadic, Consultant, France
  • Donal O’Donoghue, Journalist - RTÉ Guide, Ireland
  • Holger Potye, Entertainment Editor - Red Bull Media House, Austria
  • Scott Roxborough, News Editor - The Hollywood Reporter, Germany
  • Chiara Sbarigia, General Secretary - APT, Italy
  • Luigi Scaglione, Diretor & Photographer, Italy
  • Junko Takao, Producer, Japan
  • Michel Vandewalle, Managing Director - Atlas International Film, Germany
  • Vance Van Petten, National Executive Director - PGA, USA
  • Katerina Weissova, Managing Director - APA, Czech Republic
  • Jesse Whittock, Editorial Director - Television Business International, United Kingdom
  • Nick Witkowski, Indipendent Producer, United Kingdom
  • Kostadin Yanev, Co-Founder - Shibuya Productions, Bulgaria
  • Neil Zieger, Producer, United Kingdom

News Preselection Committee Members

  • Anne De Boismillon, Productrice de Documentaire Indépendante, France
  • Pedro Gonzalez Martin, Consiller International – Kalma TV, Spain
  • Christopher Andrew Tilley, Consultant Médias, United Kingdom