MacGyver : la saison 3 en septembre sur CBS !


In 2016, an iconic ‘80s character was revived: the one and only MacGyver. The series, rebooted by CBS, was poorly received by critics. However, with its modern look and numerous references to the original (although the mullet hairstyle is sorely missed!), it did manage to win over its audience.

The series stars Lucas Till, who came to present the reboot at the 57th edition of the Festival, and after a slightly rocky start it has asserted itself in its own right, rather than as a spin-off of the 1985 show. It still follows the adventures of MacGyver, a highly resourceful agent who prefers non-violent resolution to guns; not hesitating to draw upon his constantly-firing brain to get himself out of the critical situations he is always walking into...

Returning on 28th September on CBS, following a second season that confirmed the show's popularity, season 3 will start with reconciliation and a reunited family, but hush - we don't want to spoil it for you! See you in September to find out more!

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