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Series to Recommend to People That Don't Like Series


Hard to believe, but some people are not series fanatics. However, it is nowadays difficult to escape a format that has become inevitable place! So, if you want to convert your skeptical friends, here are six shows to recommend.

Years and Years

It's hard to miss the phenomenon of 2019. The UK series Years and Years is a great recommendation to give and get. It follows the life of the Lyons family over fifteen years, as Britain is rocked by a rise of the far right. Dystopian, the series is ultra gripping and gives food for thought on the future of society. A mini-series that can be devoured in 6 episodes.

Don't F**k with cats

What better way to convert a reluctant friend than to recommend a docu-series? Take a news story that has fascinated the whole world, the Butcher of Montreal, take a cut in documentary form, a popular platform, Netflix, and a series format and you have Don't F ** k with Cats. An ultra exciting dive into the life of Luka Magnotta.


Because it's impossible to recommend a series without slipping in a classic of English humor, do suggest this anti-series friend to check out Fleabag. Thought out by the excellent Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag follows the plight of a thirtysomething with scathing retorts. We enjoy it for substance and form, since the heroine deliciously breaks the fourth wall.

Call My Agent!

A classic among French series, Call My Agent! is undoubtedly a series to recommend for a smooth and simple entry into the wonderful world of series. For its cast, already made of names well known and appreciated by the French (Camille Cottin, among others) and for its sublime guests who are met across the series. It is easy to develop a friendship with this great team of agents who are part of the ASK talent agency.

Emily in Paris

You have to stick to current phenomenons and it's hard to be more trendy than Emily in Paris. Born from the mind of Darren Star, of Sex and the City fame, Emily in Paris tells the story of a young American girl, Emily, who arrives in Paris to work in a marketing agency. Obviously, her landing in the capital city will be filled with misunderstandings and occasions to learn amidst a culture shock that is ... sizable.

Breaking Bad

We end with this huge classic. While the series may be hard to digest for someone new to watching series, it is nonetheless a huge classic to have seen. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a chemistry teacher who finds out he got cancer. In order to financially protect his family, Walter will turn to the manufacture of hard drugs. A descent into hell, as exciting as it is gripping, in the life of a simple chemistry teacher becoming a drug tycoon.

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