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The funniest episodes of Friends

More than 25 years after its debut, Friends has remained iconic for generations. Its episodes are played and replayed, and the laughs never stop. Here's…

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TV shows with a perfect aesthetic

TV shows are not all about the script, some of them benefit from magnificent aesthetics. And because the visual aspect is as important as the actors or…

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Test your knowledge on CSI

You've watched every episode of CSI but are you a true fan of the show? Come and test your knowledge on the cult TV series with this quiz! Are you ready?…

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The best buddies in cop shows

Cop shows are very popular around the world and fans are crazy about them. Here are some of the best and most iconic duos out there. Sonny Crockett &…

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TV shows to watch in September

Summer is over, but tv shows are always here for you! No rest for your favorite series, whether old or new ones. Grand Hotel It's the biggest fall series…

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Test your knowledge on mini series

Test your knowledge on mini series with this quiz! Are you up for the challenge? 

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August TV releases

August may rhyme with summer vacation, but TV shows are not left out of the equation. Here are the new seasons and fresh TV series that fans can expect…

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How well do yo know the 90s shows ?

You lived in the 90’s and discovered TV shows at that time? You know everything about 90’s sitcoms and shows? Prove it by answering these 10 trivia questions!…

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July TV releases

Here are the new tv shows you’ll be able to discover all July long. For a well-filled summer ! Ju-On : Origins If you are a horror movie fan, here is…

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TV shows that ended too soon

The cancellation of a show that we love can happen without any warning after 1,2 or 3 seasons. And it's always very sad for fans all over the world. Here…

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On this special day...

I dreamed of offering you a star-studded line-up and an exceptional jubilee to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.…

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10 to know about Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is one of the most legendary shows of these past few years, and is still a fan favorite after 16 seasons. Let's dive into 10 stories about…

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How well do you know cop shows?

How well do you know cop shows? There are many cop shows out there that fans absolutely adore. It's time to test your knowledge about the subject! Ready?…

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June TV releases

Before the summer arrives, there's a nice TV series program awaiting you. From comedy to time travel or drama, there's one for everybody! Fuller House…

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How well do you know teen shows?

How well do you know teen shows? Whether in the 90's, 2000 or today, everybody watched hours of their favorite teenage heroes. Answer these 10 questions…

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Tv show releases in May

May you find your favorite show in these new releases ! Here is a selection of what's coming up this month and that you wouldn't want to miss. Hollywood…

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The 6 best doctors on TV

Medical shows have always had a huge success, especially when they depict doctors who have both talent and charisma. And we all want one of them to tend…

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6 feel-good TV shows to watch

In these challenging times, we all need to feel comforted and surrounded by our loved ones, either real or fictional. So here are 6 heartwarming shows…

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Six hilarious TV shows to watch

In this quarantine, there's nothing better than a good laugh. Here are hilarious six shows to watch to have a good time. Friends It obviously is the most…

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Important announcement

The 60th anniversary of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 crisis. Bad news for all the festival fans, the press,…

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Top TV releases in April

It’s April! And per tradition, here’s the list of our favorite shows now coming on your streaming platforms and TV. Community In these troubled lockdown…

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Series to watch during lockdown

You don't know how to spend your days at home? Here is a list of series that you should enjoy and that will keep you busy! Validé The series, which has…

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The series releases of March 2020

Just like every month, the different streaming platforms have new releases in store for us. Let's take a look at the series coming for March 2020! Amazing…

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Series coming in February

In February 2020, there will be original series and new seasons of the series we love! Here is the program: Mythic quest: Raven's Banquet Scheduled for…

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The best series with psychopaths

A show without the occasional sneaky appearance of a psychopath wouldn't be a good show, would it? Now, what about those series where the hero IS a psychopath?…

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French series not to be missed

During the last few weeks, French series have made a lot of noise. And in view of those arriving in 2020, the excitement is not likely to drop any time…

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January series releases

New year, new programs! In January, many series will be launched, and others will resume. Let's take a look at a few of them. Messiah From January 1,…

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When series make us sing

There are those who love thrillers or horror series and then there are those who love music series! If you belong to the latter (or not) this article…

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December series releases

With only a few days to go before new year celebrations, the return of some series and the arrival of new ones is done with great excitement! We have…

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When real life inspires tv series

Sometimes reality goes beyond fiction and becomes a source of inspiration for writers. Narcos The Netflix series traces the rise of the Medellin cartel,…

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New Amsterdam is coming to TF1!

In a few weeks, The Good Doctor will be replaced by New Amsterdam, a new medical series. During the last edition of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival,…

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Our favorite superhero series

In recent years, comic book adaptations are more and more common. Let's take a look at a few of them. Raising Dion Raising Dion is about Dion, an 8-year-old…

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November releases

With the arrival of new streaming platforms, new series and the return of others, November will be a busy month! Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Tom Clancy's Jack…

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When an event celebrates its 60th anniversary, one might say it has reached the age of reason, an age when it looks back over its history, an apt time…

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The best series inspired by books

Before TV series, our passion was books... What if you took advantage of your free time to combine your two passions and immerse yourself in the books…

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Are you ready for Apple TV+?

Just a few days remain before the launch of Apple's streaming platform: Apple TV +! Let's take a look at what awaits us. Hoping to dethrone Netflix, Amazon…

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Teen series are getting darker

Overdoses, suicides, nudity... New teenage series deal with heavy and dark themes but are nonetheless increasingly fascinating. Let's take a look back…

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Series releases - October 2019

Between long-awaited cover versions and the arrival of new series, the series-lovers are going to love fall 2019. Batwoman - Season 1 (6 October on CW)…

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2019, the year of the crossovers

Crossovers have always been enjoyed by fans. Having two or more characters or series reunited in one, that almost sounds like a dream, doesn't it? This…

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Heroines at the 2019 Festival

Since the last few years, women have taken a more important role in series. Who were the women that were present in June at the Festival and that impress…

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A selection of the best fan pics

Selfies have once more invaded the Monte Carlo TV Festival. Fans do love taking a selfie with their favorite actors and stars. Let's take a look at some…

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Couples at the Festival

The Monte Carlo TV Festival once again attracted many personalities and celebrities from across the world. Stars found themselves under the photographers'…

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Closing day at the Festival

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 marked the end of the 59th Monte Carlo Television Festival. Looking back at that last day. The Fanzone was only open from 9am to…

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Monday, June 17 at the Festival

Yesterday was the penultimate day of the Festival. Here's what went on! The sun shone yesterday on the Rock of Monaco as crowds of festival-goers gathered…

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Fourth day at the Festival!

For this fourth and penultimate day at the Festival, experience exciting moments during the various events. You can enjoy the Fan Zone and its activities,…

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Happy Sunday at the Festival

A heavy agenda for Day 3 of the Monte-Carlo TV Festival. Let's look back over some of the highlights... At 10am, fans were invited to an exceptional Selfies…

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Day 3 at the Festival!

The 59th edition of the Festival continues. Many surprises await you for this third day! In the morning, you will have the opportunity to meet, from 10…

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Day 2 at the Festival!

The 59th edition of the Television Festival has begun. Discover the program of this Saturday, June 15 at the Festival. Yesterday was the opening ceremony…

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Meet the cast of the series FBI!

Come back behind the scenes of Dick Wolf's new drama series, FBI, on June 15 in Monaco. Each year the Monte-Carlo Television Festival gathers the elite…

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The #OMG Card is on sale!

Experience the 59th edition of the #MonteCarloTVFestival more closely with the #OMG Card, now on sale! Since its creation in 1961, by Prince Rainier III…

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Les Rivières Pourpres

L'adaptation en série du roman emblématique « Les Rivières Pourpres » de Jean-Christophe Grangé avec Olivier Marchal arrive le 26 Novembre sur France…

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La saison 6 de The Blacklist

Retrouvez Megan Boone et Diego Klattenhoff tous deux présents au #FTV54 dans la saison 6 de The Blacklist diffusée sur NBC dès le 4 Janvier 2019 ! La…

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La saison 6 de Cut !

La saison 6 de Cut avec Elodie Varlet et Ambroise Michel à partir du 26 Novembre sur France Ô ! Retrouvez la nouvelle saison de Cut ! , série phare du…

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Friends from College

Annie Parisse, avec nous il y a 13 ans pour le FTV de 2005 est toujours à l’affiche de la série Friends From College, de retour sur Netflix dès le 11…

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Star Trek: Discovery

Retrouvez Jason Isaac, membre du Jury Fiction au #FTV18 dans la saison deux de Star Trek : Discovery disponible dès le 17 Janvier sur CBS All Access !…

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SEAL Team arrive bientôt sur M6 !

Alors que la saison 2 est sûr le point de débuter aux États-Unis, M6 a confirmé que la saison 1 de la nouvelle série de David Boreanaz (Bones, Buffy contre…

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