As streaming continues to make further inroads into the home, and as scripted series and documentary productions become increasingly high-quality, viewers are adapting their behaviour to fully embrace new content and multi-screen service offerings.

Laurent Puons

Laurent Puons

In this highly dynamic environment, the Monte-Carlo Television Festival always aims to deliver a pioneering reflection of the trends in an industry undergoing radical transformation.

Through the promotion and distribution of content during premiere screenings, press activities and public events, the Festival responds to the individual needs of countries around the world. In this way, each edition of the Festival offers a carefully curated balance to engage both public and professional audiences.

From promoting an American programme with a special preview and press activities, to public events unveiling local productions that meet the needs and aligns with the identities of European countries, each Festival features a good balance to satisfy its wide range of public and professional visitors.

Convinced that the Golden Nymph awards highlight the diversity and wealth of international production, industry professionals are working more closely than ever with the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, which showcases their top talent.

Through its series of conferences, the Festival’s Business Content provides an opportunity to debate the future of production, and consider the impact of the many changes affecting the sector.

Today, the focus is on challenging oneself and anticipating consumer needs.

Laurent Puons

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A series of emotions

Although the Monte-Carlo Television Festival is about to celebrate its 63th anniversary it almost seems it is just beginning due to all the new technologies we need to adapt ourselves to.

Cécile Menoni

Cécile Menoni
Executive Director

The strength of our event is to challenge ourselves each year to create a new edition with fresh content in order to present the highest quality event to the press, the professionals and to the public (with exciting meet-and-greets, fan signings and many other innovative activities). It is our goal to reinvent ourselves to adapt to new developments in the industry.

Our Festival has managed to maintain successful relationships with professionals, fans and, of course, deliver strong press coverage. Recognised worldwide the Festival has earned its place in the entertainment industry schedule.

The shows and documentaries in competition that we present during the Festival, along with the public screenings, highlight the current state of society throughout the world.

The business content also presents high quality speakers focusing on the state and future of the TV business.

The Festival is also an important networking event, bringing people together from many diverse worlds. A platform for talent scouts, a place for great visibility and promotion of brands and a stunning location in which to create special moments.

Mixing iconic talent from much-loved series from the past to current popular shows - both European and American. We are delighted to carefully mix different talent in the same unique place.

Just like the streaming platforms, the Festival offers multiple choices of events and screenings.

But the Festival is first and foremost a welcoming venue for all our guests and fans. Offering everyone who attends the best possible time.

The Monte-Carlo TV Festival is the place where memories are created and where dreams really do come true.

Cécile Menoni
Executive Director

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Originally created by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and now under the Honorary Presidency of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Monte-Carlo Television Festival has become the The Not-to-be-Missed TV event for the entire television industry.


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