Futuristic series that spread awareness on the environmental emergency/crisis


During the past few years, more and more series representing a gloomy future, often picturing apocalyptic events are being produced. Natural disasters, post-apocalyptic worlds are just a few example of the themes addressed.
In these times where the environmental situation does not seem to be improving, let's take a look at these series, which we hope, for the sake of all of us, remain fiction.

The Handmaid's Tale
The Handmaid's Tale

The series, broadcasted on Hulu since 2017, takes place in a near future in which global warming and pollution have led to a drastic drop in the number of newborns and made woman sterile. The « Sons of Jacob » a political-religious sect took advantage of the situation to take power.
In this universe, while men occupy all the positions of power, and all the dissidents eliminated, women have been stripped of their status as full citizens.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Viewed by millions across the world, the famous series has come to an end. The pitch is simple : Nine families compete and fight to gain the right to sit on the Iron Throne, symbol of power in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. While these families fight each other, forgotten ancient mythical creatures start returning to Westeros to wreak havoc.
Despite the fantasy universe, it is not difficult to understand the metaphor describing global warming behind. « Winter is coming », one, if not the most famous phrase of the series has to be understood both literally and metaphorically : the planet is slowly, but inexorably sinking toward climate catastrophe. The creatures, called White Walkers, on the other hand, represent the disease, famine and death that often comes with such horrible situations
The people of Westeros are fighting their battles for power and domination and are so focused on their individual goals, that they ignore the threat that has the potential to make them disappear and destroy the world in which they live.


This series, produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon was broadcast on Syfy from 2016 to 2017. Despite its cancellation, the series did have the benefit to make us wonder.
The show takes place in 2074. After a series of climate disasters, multinationals now govern the planet. Two zones divide society: the « green zone » a paradise for the elite, where they have access to the latest technologies and accommodations, and the « red zone », filled with chaos, danger and death.

The 100
>The 100

The 100 is the post apocalyptic series by excellence. The show kicks off on a space ship, where humans now are forced to live in, after a global nuclear war made the Earth unbearable for humans. The dangers and consequences of a nuclear war or disaster are well highlighted in the show.

Our Planet
Our Planet

Our Planet is a 8 episode Netflix documentary which is illustrates animal life, and nature in general, explaining their utmost importance and the need to protect it. Through beautiful and touching images, a darker picture emerges: how global warming, human activity and overexploitation are enemies of nature. It is therefore up to us to put in place the means to preserve our ecosystem.


This Brazilian Netflix series has now been broadcasting since 2016. The scenario is as follows : in a near post apocalyptic future society is divided in two clear, distinct categories : the rich and the poor. To have the chance to access « high society », participants have to go through a series of events when they turn 20 : only 3% will manage to go through.

Section zéro
Section zéro

Section zéro is an original production by Canal +.
In a world where misery, war and climate disasters have transformed landscapes and humans, multinationals now enforce the law. Among them is Prométhée, the biggest firm, who wants to replace the police by their own militias, and thus guarantee its survival in a world where humans, divided in casts, survive in fear.

Pessimistic or simply realistic vision of the future? We might find out soon... In the meantime, changing our habits is necessary to enjoy and protect our beautiful blue planet. What do you think?

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