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The 6 most incredible tv show twists


We know there are lots of turnarounds and cliffhangers in TV but some were more memorable than others, and we still think about them years after their releases. That's the case for these 6 shows that twisted our minds so much that we still think about them!

Lost - End of season 3

When fans discovered the stories of a group of plane crash survivors that landed on a mysterious island, they were also absorbed in their pasts through flashbacks, but in the end of season 3 everything changed. While we thought we were still exploring the past of the characters before the crash, the last scene of season 3 was a huge shock when Jack, in one of those flashbacks, told Kate "we have to go back". And right then and there, the audience understood that the alcoholic Jack they had been following for months was in fact not Jack from the past, but Jack from the future. Therefore some survivors managed to leave the island eventually, but how? Nothing was ever the same after that finale.

Grey's Anatomy - George's death
Grey's Anatomy

The 5th season of the show was very hard for the fans, especially episode 24. While George decides to leave Seattle Grace to enroll in the army, a disfigured and unrecognizable man arrives at the hospital. He had been hit by a bus while trying to save a woman. So while Meredith tried to save him (in vain), the patient wrote "007" on a piece of paper... which was George's nickname. She discovers, horrified, that it was her best friend. One of the biggest twists of Grey's Anatomy.

Battlestar Galactica - Cylons
Battlestar Galactica

The science fiction show explores the conflicts between a community of humans, and their enemies who had destroyed humanity: the Cylons. While they were only robots, we quickly learn (at the end of the 3h long pilot) that they can also hide among humans thanks to the revelation about Boomer. But the real twist happens at the end of the 3rd season with a memorable scene: while the song "all along the watchtower" starts, 4 major character hear it simultaneously in their mind and they find themselves in a room: Troy, colonel Tigh, Tyrol and Anders then realize they were Cylons all along.

Alias - 2 years later

At the end of season 2, Sydney finds out that her friend and roommate Francie had been replaced by a double agent, that looked the same. The truth is revealed with a coffee ice cream that Francie eats, while she isn't supposed to like that flavour. The two start a very memorable and intense fight... until Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong right at the end of the season. But the biggest twist is coming: she doesn't know why she's there and Vaughn tells her she had been missing and presumed dead for 2 years...

Game of Thrones - Red Wedding
Game of Thrones

This was one of the biggest Game of Thrones events and no one saw it coming (unless they had read the books of course). While Robb, his mother Catelyn and his pregnant wife Talisa go to Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey Wedding at Walder Frey's, the latter (who was supposed to be their ally), orchestrated during the diner the gruesome massacre of the Stark family and their men, to get revenge on Robb who refused to marry one of Frey's daughters. They cut Catelyn's throat, stabbed Talisa multiple times and Robb died with several arrows in the body.

Scrubs - Ben

The comedy show always knew how to bring strong dramatic moments in its story, like in the 14th episode of season 3. Ben (played by Brendan Fraser), visits his friend Doctor Cox and his sister Jordan. While in remission of his cancer, he had lost a couple of routine check ups, and Cox asked J.D to do them, but the latter needed to attend another patient. JD comes by later telling Cox that the patient had had a cardiac arrest and he couldn't save him. If Cox and the fans thought it was JD's patient, it was in fact Ben all along. But that revelation only happens at the end of the episode, while Cox thought he was going to his son's birthday, he's in fact in the cemetery, for Ben's funeral. If the twist was super powerful, it's only because when we see Ben with Cox during the episode, it was in fact only in Cox's mind, who was denying his friend's death.

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