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The best series to watch with your family


Nowadays, viewers might mostly watch series by themselves, so today, let's take a look at some series that are even better to watch in good company!

Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm in the Middle

Do we still need to introduce this family? Malcolm comes from an average American family made up of Lois, his hysterical and bossy mother, Hal, his father, who has no sense of responsibility, and his brothers, Francis, Reese and Dewey.
Every family can identify with what is described here, even if it is obviously very humoristic and with a second degree.


The Gallaghers are far from living an easy daily life. Many themes are covered during the series: toxic parents, teenage sexuality, education and so on.
Funny, offbeat and touching, it's a series to watch with the family, but maybe not with the young ones!

My Wife and Kids
My Wife and Kids

Raising three children is not always easy... That's what this series, which follows the Kyle family, proves with humor.

This Is Us
This Is Us

This is Us is the story of a united family for whom everything is not always easy. All the elements are gathered in the show to spend a great moment between laughter and emotions.

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