These shows that have singular formats


By hearing the words "TV series", the brain can instantly imagine what to expect. However, this media enables the exploration of new and sometimes revolutionary formats. Let's take a look at the following shows that are totally different on the form and the way they are filmed.


A very recent Netflix show, Dealer tells the story of a director and his cameraman, sent to the northern neighborhoods of Marseille to shoot a rap music video. On location, the two protagonists get caught right in the middle of a gang war against a backdrop of drug trafficking. The show created by Angel Basterga and Nicolas Lopez differs from anything you have ever seen, and that's because it's shot only in subjective camera. That offers the viewer full inclusion at the center of the plot. Whether directly by the cameraman, a key figure in the story, or by the other protagonists who take turns filming with their smartphones. A breathtaking show in an innovative format that gets binge-watched in the course of a blink of an eye.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

An interactive TV special is something we certainly didn't think we'd ever see. Yet the creative team behind Black Mirror created Bandersnatch: a completely interactive special episode. The viewer is the only one to decide what happens to the hero during the 1.5 hours of this special, simple as that. Making decisions, influencing the rest of the story by allowing the hero to do this or that, now that's something new!


Let's face it, Phoebe Waller-Bridge's show didn't revolutionize the genre. But Fleabag does its thing so well that it had to be included in this selection. And for good reason: Phoebe Waller-Bridge excels in the art of breaking what is called the Fourth Wall. Throughout the series, the protagonist turns to you, the viewer, and taunts you, engages you. A feeling of closeness that offers Fleabag this very special flavor.

SKAM France

Adapted from the Norwegian teen series of the same name, SKAM France has a completely innovative format. Profoundly of its time, the series consists of small sequences that take place at a specific time. In order to make SKAM France fit into the same temporality as real everyday life, these sequences are broadcast on the Internet at the exact same time as that of the story. At the end of the week, these little snippets of life are compiled to make a full 20-minute episode. To top it all off, all the characters have their own Instagram accounts regularly updated in parallel to the series as if real people owned them. A digital show that paints a portrait of today's adolescence.

Love, Death & Robots

Let's conclude this overview with the anthology series Love, Death & Robots. With each episode come new characters. With each episode comes a whole new vision. The animated series has stories as diverse as each other and animation techniques that have nothing to do with each other. The super-vast universe of this show transports fans into stories about love, death, and, robots, like we have rarely seen before.

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