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Top of the best non-english-speaking series


English speaking series have been popular for many years. What about the other series from all around the world? Discover our ranking of the best series that aren't originally from the US, the UK or Canada!


Elite has been screening since October 2018 on Netflix. The Spanish series follows the lives of three young people who receive a scholarship to study at Las Encinas, a prestigious Spanish high school. A lot of incidents will arrive, one after the other, until the tragedy.

Le Bureau des Légendes
Le Bureau des Légendes

The Canal + series follows the DGSE. The Bureau des Légendes supervises and manages the most important agents of the French intelligence services. In immersion in hostile countries, their mission is to identify potential recruits as a source of information.
Back from a six-year mission in Damascus, Malotru is promoted and rehabilitated to his life. Nonetheless, he seems to not have abandoned the identity under which he lived in Syria...


This Korean series, available on Netflix, plunges us into a medieval South Korea ravaged by corruption and famine. When a mysterious plague spreads and the dead turn into monsters, the Crown Prince, accused of treason, sets out to discover the origin of this epidemic. Kingdom is a zombie-story combined with political battles, all in extraordinary surroundings!


In Naples, two clans are opposed to each other in order to control the city's various traffic.
Don Pietro Savastano, one of the leaders, is getting older and will soon step back and hand over his power to his son Genny. The problem is that the child is still young. Ciro Di Marzio, his henchman, is therefore in charge of introducing Genny to the role of mafioso. The latter will quickly take over the leadership of the clan and lead to generational conflict. An Italian series on the mafia of very high quality! Available on Canal+.

The Rain
The Rain

Rain takes place in Denmark and is available on Netflix. Rain follows the story of two teenagers who survived a rain-borne virus, who decimated almost the entire Scandinavian population. The teenagers will thus embark on a dangerous adventure that will take them across the country in search of a trace of life.


This German series, broadcast since September 5 on ARTE, brings us back to 1919. The First World War has just ended. In these troubled times, Dörte Helm, a young art student in Weimar, answers Walter Gropius' call and joins the newly founded Bauhaus School...

And that's not it! With Netflix's, and other streaming sites' willingness to bring a more diverse content on their platforms, we are sure to not be in need of new series to watch!

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