6 TV shows from the 90/00s that you probably forgot


Ah, the 90s... Many are the ones thinking about this time period with a little pinch of nostalgia and heartache. And if there're several TV series from this decade that left a mark on your mind, we're pretty sure that you forgot about some of them. Here are 6.

Big Wolf on Campus

Long before Teen Wolf, there was Big Wolf on Campus. This teen show came out in 1999 and tells the story of Tomme Dawkins (Brandon Quinn), a very popular high school quarterback who gets bit by a werewolf. Becoming himself a werewolf, Tommy hides his secret from his classmates with the exception of Merton Dinle (Danny Smith, a nice goth and brazen outsider. Together, the two teens form a team to fight evil. With its 3 seasons, Big Wolf on Campus certainly left its mark on 90s kids.

The Secret World of Alex Mack

Larisa Oleynik is a 90s icon. Let it be for her role in 10 Things I Hate about You or for being Alex Mack. Do You remember? The series tells the incredible story of a teen with telekinesis powers and other abilities (like being able to dissolve into a mobile puddle of water, yes) after getting hit by a truck with chemicals inside. Becoming a science mystery, the teenage girl is wanted by the chemical plant for research. Combining humor, drama and science-fiction, the TV show is a real treat to watch.

My So-Called Life

Do you remember Claire Danes and Jared Leto's debuts? Yes, both of them were starring in a teen show called My So-Called Life. First released in the summer of 1994, the show is a nice dive into the delicate teenage years. Angela lives in the Pittsburgh suburbs and is a teenage girl… like any other. Between melancholy, first loves and fights, the series is the perfect representation of what were teen series like in the 90s.

Miami 7

We dare anyone who was born at the end of the 80s to say that they didn't watch a single episode of Miami 7. To speak frankly, the show probably gave popstars vocations to a lot of people since it follows the group S Club 7, formed by seven singers - three men and four women - seeking success. Music, dance, and typical 90s fashion formed an explosive mixture for this show with overpowering songs and choreographies.

Grounded for Life

In line with family TV shows, there was Grounded for Life. This cult American sitcom follows Sean and Claudia, a young couple with three kids including a teenage girl. While their friends go out and still enjoy their lives, Sean and Claudia have to deal with their children and their assertive personalities. On top of that, uncle Eddy is not quite the perfect example for these kids. As touching as it is funny, Grounded for Life was broadcasted on FOX and France 2 for the French public.

So Little Time

Who remembers the show So Little Time, the sitcom with the Olsen twins? If we followed them for a very young age in Full House, the Olsen twins got their own show after that, So Little Time. Chloe and Riley Carlson are two high schoolers who have a million things in their minds, starting with shopping, partying… and boys. Led by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the series was entirely designed for them.

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