Series releases - October 2019


Between long-awaited cover versions and the arrival of new series, the series-lovers are going to love fall 2019.

Batwoman - Season 1 (6 October on CW)

Batwoman, a character that has always been absent from cinema and series is now going to have her own show on CW! The story takes place in a Gotham, that has been left to crumble since the departure of Batman. Kate Kane, cousin of Bruce will have to try to defeat her own demons before she can totally assume the role of Batwoman.

The Hookup Plan - Season 2 (11 October on Netflix)
The Hookup Plan

Almost a year after the launch of the first season, The Hookup Plan makes its return on Netflix. Fans will once more enjoy the company of Elsa, Milou and Charlotte. Months have passed since Elsa found out about Jules and her heart seems to balance between the later and her ex, but you can imagine that her two accomplices, Milou and Charlotte have some ideas of their own.

Peaky Blinders - Season 5 (4 October on Netflix)
Peaky Blinders

The Shelbys are a finally going to make their comeback! As the consequences of the 1929 stock market crash are starting to be felt and after many clashes, the clan is going to have to brace themselves as new threats await them. Tommy, for his part, will have to make decisions that might change a lot of things.
Some good news for the aficionados: season 5, will finally not be the last!

Mr. Robot - Season 4 (6 October on U.S.A. Network)
>Mr. Robot

Almost two years after the end of season 3, the show makes its return for a fourth season. The season, composed of thirteen episodes will follow Elliot and Mr. Robot, who, after their failure will try to take down the true leaders and will have to go much further than they ever have.

Riverdale - Season 4 (10 October on Netflix)

This new season promises to be full of twists, turns and suspense! The trailer reveals enough to make you want to know everything: Jughead seems to have disappeared! The first episodes also promise to be emotional as they will begin with a tribute to Luke Perry, Fred Andrews' performer, who passed away on March 4.

The Walking Dead - Season 10 (7 October on OCS)
>The Walking Dead

The tenth chapter of the show promises to be as captivating and as bloody as ever. The story continues after the tragic season final and new rules seem to have been established by the terrifying Alpha...

Raising - Season 1 (4 October on Netflix)

This new Netflix series is eagerly awaited by the public! The program will follow the life of a widowed mother who discovers that her son has superpowers and tries to hide them from the world.

This October promises to be a busy month! You would almost want to to binge-watch all day long!

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