These actors got characters tailored for them


While some actors audition for a particular role, sometimes the wheel turns and they end up with a role crafted specifically for them. An incredible chance that the following six actors could get in iconic shows.

Chris Colfer in Glee

Did you know? Chris Colfer originally applied for the role of Archie in Glee. But the writers of Ryan Murphy's series loved the actor and his personality so much that they decided to tailor the role of Kurt Hummel after him. An incredible opportunity since the actor is among the leading figures of the musical series.

Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project

It's rather easy to say that Mindy Kaling saw her role in The Mindy Project tailor-made. And for good reason, Mindy Kaling is none other than the creator and one of the producers of the show. Inevitably, the role of gynecologist Mindy Lahiri was conceived by her and for her. A great way to build a role just the way you like it.

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead

Fun fact: Fans of The Walking Dead comics know full well that Daryl Dixon's character doesn't exist. According to Screenrant, Norman Reedus auditioned for Merle Dixon's part. Actually, he would have gladly auditioned for any character, that's how much he wanted a role in the series. But since Merle's part had been assigned to Michael Rooker, the screenwriters came up with a crazy concept: to create a brand-new character especially for Norman Reedus. This is how Daryl Dixon was born.

Phyllis Smith in The Office

A casting assistant for The Office then, Phyllis Smith clearly caught the eye of headhunters. As she would read to the actors auditioning for The Office, the casting team was surprised by her potential they had never noticed. Better yet, they figured it would be a perfect addition to an already thought-out painting. This is how the iconic character of Phyllis Vance was born, which came up as absolutely unexpected.

Jorge Garcia in Lost

Hurley, Hurley... one of the mainstays of the classic show Lost, undoubtedly so. However, Jorge Garcia did not come in the hope of playing this character. One, the latter didn't exist, two, he first auditioned for the role of Sawyer. To no avail. Instead, the casting team saw in him a huge potential for a brand-new character, Hurley.

Liza Weil in Gilmore Girls

The information comes from Vanity Fair: Liza Weil once considered to integrate the big family of Gilmore Girls in the shoes of Rory, the heroine. Still, things were already very clear in the minds of casting directors. Rory to Alexis Bledel, period. Enticed by her reading, in order to keep her by their side and include her in the series, they got the idea of creating the character of Paris Geller just for her.

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