These actors have auditioned for another part in the show they play in


Imagine your favorite TV show, with the same cast, but they're all playing different characters. That is what almost happened with the 6 actors below: they came in for a part, and left with another!

Sandra Oh - Grey's Anatomy
Sandra Oh

Imagine Miranda Bailey portrayed by Sandra Oh... Impossible? Yet, it may very well have been the case. The actress initially auditioned for that part until Shonda Rhimes saw her as another main character of the show: Cristina Yang. Grey's Anatomy showrunner even explained that she portrayed Cristina to be as close as possible to Sandra Oh's personality.

Courteney Cox - Friends
Courteney Cox

Martha Kauffman, the co-creator of Friends saw in Courtney Cox the perfect Rachel. Forget about Jennifer Aniston for a moment... But the actress really wanted to be Monica, because she loved her strong personality and character. And as we have seen throughout the 10 seasons of the iconic show, she was right! And will you guess who also auditioned for the part of Monica? Well Maggie Wheeler aka Janice.

Chad Michael Murray - One Tree Hill
Chad Michael Murray

Just like Courtney Cox, Michael Murray had auditioned for a part he didn't really want: the one for Nathan Scott. While producers absolutely pictured him as Nathan, he really wanted to play Lucas Scott. He eventually got the part and played the character for 6 seasons before leaving the show.

Jason Dohring - Veronica Mars
Jason Dohring

How could we imagine anyone else being Logan than Jason Dohring? Impossible! But the fan favorite did initially audition for Duncan, Veronica's boyfriend in season 1. He told Buzzfeed: "I stupidly went in and played their leading man as this dark, brooding, James Dean kind of guy. The casting agents were like, 'Uh, that's a little dark,' and suggested I read for the character who was bashing out headlights in the pilot."

Iwan Rheon - Game of Thrones
Iwan Rheon

Kit Harington won the big prize with Jon Snow, a role of a lifetime. Yet, another actor of the show wanted to embody Jon... A certain Iwan Rheon whom we all know as the awful Ramsay Bolton. He actually almost got the part but Kit was his main competitor. He told Interview Magazine: "I think they made the right choice; it would've been a very different Jon Snow if I'd played him."

Norman Reedus - The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus

If he is now one of the biggest stars of the post-apocalyptic show, Norman Reedus initially wanted a smaller part. He came for Merle Dixon and it is actually Michael Rooker who got it. But Norman was so impressive that the showrunners created a part just for him! How crazy is that?

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