These cult families form TV series


Either touching, funny, exemplary or problematic, these families have all left their marks in the world of TV series. From the Gallaghers to the Starks, focus on popular families that fans will never forget about.

The Pearsons from This Is Us

They are the heroes of the American TV series This Is Us : the Pearsons. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are respectively Rebecca and Jack Pearson, a couple who gave birth to two kids, Kevin and Kate, but were actually triplets at the beginning. Feeling like they should have a third baby, the couple decides to adopt Randall, an afro-american baby born on the same day and abandoned by his parents. This Is Us then follows the journey of this family with atypical triplets, from their parents meeting to adulthood. Touching, sincere and true, the Pearsons have undeniably left their mark on fans.

Malcolm crazy family

"Yes, no, maybe, I don't know. Can you repeat the question?". There's a sentence that Malcolm fans probably won't ever forget since it is from the opening credits of the show. In this sitcom, Malcolm is Hal and Lois third son and also a little genius. With his brothers, they are going to paint the town red and make their parents live a nightmare at the same time. Funny, super cult and also touching at times, Malcolm's family is one of the most well-known from the small screen. And it is worth noting that Malcolm also shows how talented Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is as a father figure in a comedy.

The Gallaghers from Shameless

It would be a shame not to include the Gallaghers, this family who's journey just ended after 11 seasons. At the center of this family we have Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy), a notorious alcoholic with six kids at charge. Unable to take care of them, the job falls on Fiona's shoulders (Emmy Rossum). If the show has a unique sense of humor, it still depicts a suffering family and addresses important issues such as poverty, alcoholism or delinquency.

The Starks from Game of Thrones

If Game of Thrones is first and foremost a story about power, war and conquests, the show is also about family. The ones ready to kill each other to take the throne. Among all of them, it is impossible not to have a soft spot for the Starks who rule the North. From Ned to Catelyn and their kids Arya, Sansa, Robb, Rickon, Bran and even Jon Snow, Ned's illegitimate son, the Starks have conquered the audience thanks to their good hearts and their likeability.

The families from Modern Family

It's hard to choose only one family from the sitcom Modern Family since they're all as much fun, endearing and eclectic. The Pritchetts, the Delgados and The Dunphys open their door to you without compromise nor prudishness. An homosexual couple, a traditional family and a blended family live togother and gave the audience 11 very colorful seasons.

The Tanners from Full House

A cult family from the small screen? We're calling the Tanners to the stand! Full House is a reference in terms of TV series from the 90s. Danny Tanner is raising his three daughters alone after the death of his wife. A little in over his head at this task, he can benefit from the help of two of his friends, like Uncle Jesse played by John Stamos. And let's not forget about the Olsen twins who take turns playing the role of Michelle. Under the roof of the Tanners, in San Francisco, lives a joyful mess that fans enjoyed for 8 seasons.

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