6 fun facts about Euphoria


Euphoria is a must-see TV show signed by HBO. While it’s second season is currently airing in the US, and in France on OCS, focus on 6 fun facts that you should absolutely know about the show starring Zendaya.

Euphoria is the adaptation of an Israeli show
Euphoria is the adaptation of an Israeli show

Before Rue, Jules, Nate, Maddy, Cassie and the others, there were Hofit, Masuli, Kino and their friends. Yes, Euphoria as we know it is the adaptation of an Israeli eponymous show created in 2012. The American version of Euphoria has another common trait with its Israeli counterpart: Ron Leshem, co-creator and co-writer on the original show is also working for HBO’s version of Euphoria. He is one of the writers and also a producer.

Drake is one of the producers
Drake is one of the producers

The production team behind Euphoria can also count a very popular rap US name: Drake. Since 2019 and the first season of the show led by Zendaya, the Torontonian has distinguished himself by being a producer. Better yet, it seems like the rapper also participated in some table reads for season 2, showing his total implication and attachment to the series.

Sam Levinson always thought of Zendaya for Rue’s role
Sam Levinson always thought of Zendaya for Rue’s role

If after two seasons it is almost impossible to imagine someone other than Zendaya to play Rue, it’s probably because Sam Levinson himself was never considering someone else to play the part! The young actress revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Sam Levinson confessed having a picture of her on his vision board for Rue. Sam told me that I was on his vision board for Rue, which I thought was crazy. I was like, ‘I don’t believe you. What in my career have I done to prove that I can do this?’”, she said during the interview.

…And she won an Emmy Award
…And she won an Emmy Award

If Zendaya was not sure about her own talent to be in a show like Euphoria, she made history by becoming the youngest actress to win the Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2020.

A show sometimes inspired by Sam Levinson’s real life
A show sometimes inspired by Sam Levinson’s real life

If the show is able to translate so precisely teenage aches and traumas, it is because Sam Levinson drew from his own life to write Euphoria. During his teens, he lived a life quite similar to Rue's and went to rehab. “I spent the majority of my teenage years in hospitals, rehabs and halfway houses,” he said at Arclight Cinerama Dome before Euphoria’s premiere in Hollywood. “Sometime around the age of 16, I resigned myself to the idea that eventually drugs would kill me and there was no reason to fight it. I would let it take me over, and I had made peace with that,” he revealed.

Characters’ makeups are the reflect of their own personalitiesé
Characters’ makeups are the reflect of their own personalities

Euphoria’s fans know this well: each episode, the makeup and wardrobe departments do a phenomenal job. Real transcript of the characters’ identity, the makeups are the results of the makeup artist Doniella Davy’s amazing work. All more sparkly, shiny and beautiful than the others, the show’s makeup respects characters’ narrative evolution throughout the episodes while thrilling fans!

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