Focus on these inspiring TV series boss ladies


Working life is not always fun, and while watching some TV shows, we think it would be great to work for these six inspiring bosses.

Jacqueline Carlyle from The Bold Type

When we think about boss ladies, we immediately think about Jacqueline. Played by Melora Hardin (very well known by The Office fans) she’s the editor-in-chief for Scarlet magazine. Watching her interact with her employees just makes you want to be a journalist and work under her command. She doesn’t bully anyone, gets the journalists from Scarlet to give the best of themselves, and, if she can be tough sometimes, it’s always to push her employees to reach their potential, especially Jane Sloan, the girl she took under her wing. She’s deeply involved and wishes to see her employees thrive.

Molly Carter from Insecure

Trentenaire, Molly est une femme qui a toujours fait passer sa carrière et donc sa vie professionnelle avant sa vie personnelle. Elle est brillante et a complètement surpassé certains obstacles qui ont pu se mettre sur son chemin dans son cabinet d'avocat. Dans la série, elle est vraiment un symbole de la réussite professionnelle. Elle ne se laisse clairement pas marcher sur les pieds ! A contrario, elle sait moins bien gérer sa vie sentimentale !

Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy.

Chirurgienne en chef de l’hôpital Grey Sloane Memorial, Miranda Bailey n’est pas une cheffe comme les autres. Si elle fait peur au premier abord, c’est normal, mais pas d’inquiétude, avec elle pas question de lâcher prise. Si elle est têtue et autoritaire, elle est aussi profondément attachante et dévouée. Elle prend les chirurgiens et chirurgiennes sous son aile et ne les lâche pas. Elle a de l’orgueil et l’utilise à bon escient. Ce qui fait d’elle une cheffe dont on a envie de s’inspirer.

Andréa Martel from Ten Percent.

Harsh but fair, Andréa Martel is not an easy boss. It’s quite hard working for her, but the result is rewarding. She only lives to work and doesn’t count her hours. She deserves her title as one the best celebrities agent. She has a sharp instinct and can change a tricky situation into a victory. She inspires with her persistence, her professionalism and her boldness. If the ASK agency is one of the best, you can mostly thank her.

Leslie Knope de Parks and Recreation
When you watch the show and see the everyday life of the employees of the city of Pawnee’s parks and recreation department, you must be telling yourself that they are really lucky to be working with a woman like Leslie Knope. The character played by Amy Poehler is overfilled with optimism and never gives up on the task she put her mind to. She leads her team with care and professionalism while facing the hardship of politics that come often to her doorstep. She boosts moral like nobody else and makes you want to go further. She will speak up if things are not okay, and this for the well-being of everybody.
Liz Lemon from 30 Rock.

Liz Lemon is an atypical and eccentric boss. It would seem really tiring working for her but still… her energy and her creativity are thrilling. The character of Tina Fey is the screenwriter for an entertainment show in the US – just like the Saturday Night Live on NBC – and she always has to stay alert to find the best sketches possibles with the help of her writers’ team. She can easily uncover talent in her employees and put their best ideas to work...even if the collaboration is not always working.

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